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The Messy Middle

Greetings Universe Friends,

Do you ever wonder how you came to be? I'm not speaking about how you were born, where you were born, or even where you grew up... I mean that "Messy Middle" the place where you let go of who you were conditioned to be and reveal your True-Self unknowingly.

When I finally decided to rebuild trust with myself, it took an awful lot of time to accept that in doing so, I would have to go through several grieving processes. At each stage there would be a unique set of requirements that only I could fulfil. The place where this starts is different for each individual. The time it takes to implement any tools and guidance you gather throughout your life's experiences, takes time to filter through too!

There was a long period during my journey where it felt impossible to change my life. In the early days of my personal development experience I was constantly told to focus on my WHY I would be told over and over again "that my why needed to be bigger than me" but it just never made sense to me.

If my why needed to be bigger than me just for me to get to it... it was never going to work in the way I was being taught to look at it! Here was my problem with the WHY... in my humble opinion it meant that I had to consistently look outwards for my needs, my dream had to be about something other than what I wanted or needed and the why of life would never be enough. You see within growth at any level if its not about you then who is really benefitting from it?

What I came to learn and inner-stand from my True-Self Discovery Journey, is that the only person who really benefits from an external WHY are those who seek something from you. Yet they fail to explain the messy middle of having a why, actioning a why and what the why is really about! Now if you see my quote within this post it was written in 2016, in the most earliest days of my personal development experience and, even then, with my then limiting beliefs it never stood well with me that no one could tell me what happens beyond the why.

You see anyone can give you tools, guidance or advice, but how many of those people have lived the true experience? How many have the ability to share the messy middle with you? In my personal experience over the last 20 years, not many speak about it, and within the life of social media we tend to see one extreme of life, we tend to see all the good bits, we rarely see the actual intentional process many people go and grow through.

The messy middle can look like many things, life throwing you constant curb balls, unprocessed emotional healing, lacking humility, lack of compassion, lack of self awareness, forgetting to celebrate your progress. The messy middle could also be the place where you find inner-peace, zest, tenacity, patience, harmony, and hope of a co-creating life. Now let's be clear I'm not saying we don't need to have a WHY or even a few of them. However we must realise that each set of circumstances will come with the oozy middle centre where nothing is in our control and it's this place that the Universe askes us to have the most trust within ourselves.

The steps through the messy middle is really the place that you decide if what you say you want is for you... its the place for you to release, review and renew your commitment to your life. The messy middle is actually a private space that doesn't require you to have to much company around you. Although the right aligned company can really ignite your creative/visual mind energy, when going and growing within this magical process.

How can you call the messy middle magic?

The messy middle contains all the magic energy you can think off, and I'm not referring to the traditional view of magic. The magic I refer too is the magical energy contained within; the magic in you... Each person you know or come into contact with has unique abilities. We are not all the same, we all encompass different gifts, how we use or not use these gifts is a matter of inner-standing and connections to True-Self. For years I didn't believe in magic of any kind, I did not fully identify with the western view of magic, but I did believe that everything was energy, therefore some sort of energetic magic had to exist! Now in western culture its called "Law of Attraction" at least that's the most popular concept and one I have studied with various authors having written about the concept... One of the most famous books about this is "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne, I have read the book several times, I have even watched the accompanying movie made from the book, and its a great place to inner-stand the journey from a deeply western perspective.

Truth is the messy middle is definitely not for the fainthearted. To step into this part of your life requires courage you don't yet have, it seeks wisdom you have yet to reveal within yourself and equally it necessitates that you let go of nearly everything you think you know about yourself and life, and find the willingness to begin un-conditioning your given identity and re-condition said identity to that which is your truest identity. This is where you find... You Vs You and this is also where you first begin meeting glimpses of your True-Self.

If your able to do the hard work, life becomes easier, if you take the easy route, life will become hard! Sounds mad right!

On the other hand you also have the ability to not do any work, whether easy or hard. You have the choice to bypass the opportunities that the messy middle can bring into your life. You have the choice to become stagnant in the areas of growth most needed in your life.

Likewise you could be the person awakening to your messy middle with the Universal Energy of knowing and an enthusiasm to meet the person you have yet to become in real time. The messy middle is always available to you, once you decide what you want, what you need, and its also a habitation that you can return too many times as you co-create the life you desire.

Hints and Tips:

  • Work on current goals

  • Practice gratitude

  • Make a Bucket List

  • Make a New Playlist

  • Catch up with a friend

  • Organise your space

  • Paint or Draw

  • Create a Wishlist

  • Take a Social Media Break

Universe Friends, thank you for your time, thank you for engaging, and more importantly thank you for being You.


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