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Universe Friends 

My Journey with Universe Friends Collections wasn't planned. It started in October 2020 when I decided to make my family and friends gifts instead of going Christmas shopping.

I was encouraged to share my products on Social Media and within a few hours I received a request for a bulk order and Universe Friends Collections was born.

My Life's Mission, as mentioned before is to help more people develop a deeper understanding of their "True-Self". To create and co-create positivity and a higher level of understanding human nature and spiritual space by doing what the Universe has called me to do.

At UFCo we have a series of Exclusive Signature Collections.


Our collections are available in the following formations:

Aura Sprays with a 6 month expiry date, these can be used to shift the mood within;

For example: Your personal environment a bedroom or living space.

Or for personal use on the body to awaken your natural senses to promote:

Clarity, Love, Peace, Positivity, Harmony, Focus, Self-care, Action, Awakening, Inner Peace

Hope, Courage, Wisdom, Spirituality and the Beautiful Unknown.

Luxury Bath Soaps- with a 12 month expiry date and can be used for daily selfcare routines.

These bath soaps promote harmony with body, mind and spirit by awakening the bodies senses through a combination of essential oils blended to create unity and connection of the True-Self.

Body Butters- with a 12 month expire date

Our unique body butters are all Shea Butter based and combined with Coconut Oil or a nut free oil

(for those with nut allergies) these body butters are handmade to order to promote the use of fresh ingredients and to ensure that each pot is filled with positive energy, love and abundance.


MINDSET MAGIC~INNER PEACE with more added for release in 2022!

New for 2022 we will also have more Exclusive Signature Collections which will include, Bath Salts, Bath Oils and Soap Scrubs.

All products are handmade, bespoke and Vegan Friendly.

We also offer bespoke consultations for Clients- To Book a Consultation Email: 

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