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At New Purpose Season

At NPS (New Purpose Season) Coaching we create bespoke initiatives to help clients reach their highest potential.

With over 20 years working in a variety of areas surrounding Personal/Professional Development in both a coaching and mentoring capacity, it has made us aware that no two people are the same.


In the uniqueness of each individual is a person you/they have yet to discover from within.

At NPS Coaching we aim to reflect this uniqueness with each client we work with. Each initiative is founded on our Seven Dimensions of Well-being which interconnects with Psychological Well-being.


The elements of which are:


  • Positive Relationships with others

  • Personal Mastery

  • Autonomy

  • A feeling of purpose

  • Meaning in Life

  • Personal Growth

  • Personal Development


Whilst our initiatives have been tried and tested, and ready for you to invest in, as the Lead Coach I ensure the practicality of embodiment. This means that we work with each client to ensure that the initiatives work alongside their daily lives making transformation practical rather than theoretical.


"As a coach I trust my journey and I appreciate my growth, honour my experiences and keep working on being an expert in my own life. For this reason I will never request a client works or uses tools that I have not used on myself, this is one of my Core Values" DearNadine


You can book a True-Self Discovery Call and Find out more about our services.

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