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My Approach


At New Purpose Season, the mission is to never stop seeking answers to questions about who we are as Human and Spiritual beings. The vision is to support you our Universe Friends, to a True-Self Discovery.

Together we achieve this by working with the lived experience and incorporating the actionable knowledge of MSc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology through a variety of creative approaches.

With over 20 years experience in various areas of personal development and coaching, I'm an expert in my own life experiences. Experiences such as childhood traumas, an abusive relationship, living a life on pause, unconditional love, grief, spiritual guidance, awakening inside a leap of faith, a five year plan. All which led me to my True-Self Discovery. 

A True-Self Discovery is the way to uncover who you are and I believe a True-Self Discovery is a Universal Lifestyle that supports you to continually Glow and Grow as you Co-create the life you desire.

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