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Nkechi Intuitive Oracle
Card Readings

One of my spiritual gifts that were bestowed to me through many lifetimes is the ability to read and connect.

As a small child I could read energies, auras, speak with those who had transitioned to their next life.

However my gift was not always accepted or received well by many because as a free spirited child I had "no filter" and just spoke out these messages even when someone was not ready to receive them.


During my early teens I learned to quieten my interconnection with the God Energy within me, I learned to suppress the need to give people messages they were not ready to receive and I put my gift on pause for many years!


In spite of this my spiritual gifts never left me and over the years the God Energy within me began to lead my life in a different spiritual interconnection that had me blessed with my spiritual name "Nkechi- meaning a gift from God".


As the world shut down in 2020 my interconnection with Source, Spirit, God Energy, The Divine or whichever name you choose, became much stronger. I could finally hear clearly my inner frequency, and my reconnection with my inner child whom I had suppressed was beautifully awakened which is how I came back to find my True-Self and live a completely different life from my pre-2020 life and lifestyle.


Many things changed with spiritual guidance and support and my aim through Nkechi Oracle Card Readings is to be a bridge of spiritual support to you.


All my readings are Timeless as they are General Messages, any specific messages may or may not come through for you and this is ok.


I always advice that you please take what resonates and leave the rest. If the message doesn't resonate it just wasn't meant for you OR it may resonate at a later time.


To Book a Reading please request a booking link via email at

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